tom ka gai thai soup


How To Make Authentic Homemade Pho

Families all over the world love a delicious bowl of pho and you’ve likely seen the rise in popularity of the dish over the last several years. But what is it about this aromatic soup dish that so many people crave? Read More

tom ka gai thai soup


While lychee is a great touch to any dessert or salad, or even a snack on its own, one of lychee’s biggest claims to fame is in the cocktail. Here are a few recipe ideas for your celebrations.  Read More 

tom ka gai thai soup


We’ve all been there. You make a big batch of rice for a meal only to have loads of leftover rice, but none of the protein and veggies you cooked to go with it. It’s not a problem. There are a number of recipes that work best with day-old rice.   Read More 

tom ka gai thai soup


Tom Ka Gai is a traditional coconut milk soup originating from Thailand that means boiled galangal chicken soup.  Read More 


Coconut milk smoothies are a great alternative to dairy milk smoothies. They bring a lot of flavor and will fill you up, too. Read More 


Rice pudding is a classic dessert, but it is overdone. Why not try other rice desserts that can be just as good and give you that variety you’re craving? Read More 


Four Elephants offers 100% Thai Hom Mali Rice, which is sourced from one of the best growing regions in Thailand. We prefer Jasmine rice because it is long grain and only slightly sticky.There are many ways to prepare Jasmine rice, which we've highlighted here. Read More 


A fish sauce marinade works wonders on any protein, especially for meats that can dry out easily like beef and chicken. Not only do you enhance all those existing flavors, but you also add another flavor dimension that only fish sauce can give you. Read More 


Pad Thai is a universally-loved dish filled with sweet and savory flavors. When you have Four Elephants Rice Noodles and Fish Sauce to work with, you create an authentic meal, too. Read More 


Rice paper is more imporant for texture than it is for flavor, because like in any good dish, texture is part of a well-rounded culinary experience. Plus, it makes spring rolls easy to make. Read More 


Smoothies are always in season and always in style. They are an excellent way to pack in the protein, fats, and fruit and veggies you need to feel energized and satiated. Really, all you need is a good blender and a high-quality base (like dairy milk, yogurt, or in this case, coconut milk), and you are ready to go.  Read More


Not only is coconut milk an ingredient in many traditional Asian meals, it’s also a critical component of many newer, trending foods. Some turn to coconut milk as part of a low-sugar, high-fat diet (like Keto) or as a substitute for dairy. Whatever the reason you choose coconut milk, there’s no denying its unique flavor and wonderful texture. Here are some of our favorite coconut milk recipe ideas.   Read More