Quick and Easy Recipe: Homemade Rice Paper Chips 

Craving a speedy and satisfying snack? Look no furtherthan these homemade Rice Paper Chips. With just three ingredients, you'll whipup a delightful treat in no time.


- Rice paper wrappers (Four Elephants Brand)

- High-heat resistant vegetable oil (like sunflower orcoconut oil)

- Seasoning (start with salt and scallion, customize withfried garlic, pepper, etc.) ‌


1. Simple Prep:Cut the rice paper wrappers into quarters;larger pieces work best.

2.Speedy Frying: In a pan, add about 0.5 inches ofvegetable oil. There's no need for deep-frying; the thin rice paper puffs upquickly.

3. Crisp Perfection: Place the quarters in the hot oil.They'll puff in about 5 seconds. Remove them right away.

4. Season and Enjoy:Use tongs to transfer the chips to apaper towel or cooling rack to remove excess oil. Sprinkle with your chosenseasoning.

These homemade Rice Paper Chips are perfect when you'reshort on time but in need of a tasty snack. Feel free to get creative withseasonings. It's a quick and easy menu item that satisfies your crunchcravings!