Palm Sugar

Palm sugar is made of sap that comes from coconut palm trees. Its taste has a slight caramel flavor and is a popular ingredient in Asian cooking. Compared to substitute sweeteners, palm sugar is considered a healthier alternative, due to its production involving minimal processing with no added chemicals. Many of the plant-based vitamins and minerals, which can benefit your body, are retained in the sweetener since it is unfiltered.

Palm sugar is less likely to cause your blood sugar to spike and crash, because it has a low glycemic index compared to other sweeteners. While research is ongoing, some studies suggest that palm sugar is a good alternative sweetener for people with diabetes.

Below are some great (and tasty!) ways to incorporate palm sugar into your diet:

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thai Salad Dressing

Palm Sugar Simple Syrup

Palm Sugar Pecan Pie