6 Delicious Ways to Use a Bottle of Fish Sauce

Based on just the name alone, fish sauce may not sound like the most appetizing condiment. But, there’s certainly a reason it's a liquid seasoning staple in kitchens all across the globe. You may have heard that it's a main ingredient in many Southeast Asian recipes, but what is it really? And how can you best put a bottle of fish sauce to good use?

What is Fish Sauce?

The thing that most people get wrong about fish sauce is that it's “fishy”. It may smell fishy, but when you actually cook with it, it acts like salt. Fish sauce is used to add a unique, savory, umami punch to whatever it's added to. This fermented condiment is typically made from anchovies and some consider it the Worcestershire sauce of Southeast Asian cuisine.

How is it Made?

When making fish sauce, fish (most commonly anchovies) are combined with salt and aged in barrels for at least six month, but sometimes are aged for a year or more. The salt brings out the moisture and allows the anchovies to ferment without spoiling. During fermentation, microbes grow on the fish, creating the sauce’s deep flavor. 

After fermentation, the liquid is strained, dried in the sun, and aged for at least one more month in a ceramic urn or plastic barrel before it is eventually bottled.

How Do You Use it?

When using fish sauce, remember that a little goes a long way and home cooks should add it with care. The level of salt in the condiment can easily overpower your dish if too much is used, so just sprinkle a few drops wherever you’d like some extra savory goodness. One piece of

advice is to salt your food after you add fish sauce, but you may not even need the salt at all. One quick taste test is all you need.

Here are 6 delicious ways you can use a bottle of Four Elephants Premium Fish Sauce and make it your newest pantry staple.


Whether you’re sautéing some veggies, throwing seafood on the grill, or even chowing down on some chicken wings, a marinade spiked with fish sauce can make a boring dish pop with a umami-rich intensity. And don’t forget! You don’t need to limit your fish sauce marinade to just Southeast Asian dishes, feel free to experiment with this rich flavor.

Soups and Stews

It might not seem like it makes sense to throw a dash of fish sauce into your chili, but it's actually the perfect way to add meaty depth to your favorite soups and stews. Don’t worry, your dish isn’t going to taste like fish!

Bloody Marys

It may sound surprising, but a dash of fish sauce in your favorite bloody mary recipe truly takes it to the next level. You don’t need much. Start with ½ a teaspoon, taste test, and add more if you’d like!

Salad Dressing

Adding a touch of fish sauce to salad dressing creates amazing flavor! A little goes a long way, so start with 1-2 teaspoons and consider using it as a replacement for salt in your next vinaigrette.

Curry Paste

A majority of Southeast Asian curries will use fish sauce in their curry paste. If you’re making your own curry paste for your dishes, we are certain it’ll be at the top of your ingredient list.

Pasta Sauce

Fish sauce is even a great addition to a bolognese, homemade marinara and even alfredo sauce or carbonara. Just add a couple of teaspoons for a rich, savory flavor.

If you’ve hit the end of this blog post feeling curious about adding fish sauce to your home pantry, Four Elephants has just what you need. Our Premium Fish Sauce is Non GMO Project Verified and does not contain any MSG or unnecessary preservatives—only salt. Plus, our fish sauce is free of unnecessary water or artificial colors. What you get is an extra virgin fish sauce, meaning you aren’t getting the leftovers. You are getting a perfectly potent high-quality sauce produced by a special extraction method followed by the finest producers in Southeast Asia.

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